Thursday Themes

‘Thursday Meet’ programme has a special significance in the awakening programmes of RMP. For the last Twenty years, this programme is being practised with the intention of imparting knowledge of significant topics to the volunteers active in social field.

This programme is organised on the third Thursday of every month. An expert is invited to present views on the social, economical, or national event. The programme consists of the talk for one hour and the interaction for half an our.

Thursday Theme

Year 2015-2016

# Date Topic Speaker Report
1 29/10/2015 A year of power of State Government Sukrut Khandekar
2 25/06/2015 The outcome of the foreign affairs policy of Narendra Modi Anay Joglekar
3 23/07/2015 The Financial Crisis in Greece Nilu Damle
4 21/05/2015 Development Plan of Mumbai Adv. Parag Alavani
5 20/08/2015 Challenge of Maoism Ravindra Sathe
6 18/02/2016 Swachha Bharat – Swachha Maharashtra : Few Observations Milind Chalke

Year 2014-2015

# Date Topic Speaker Report

Thursday Theme