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Indian Institute of Democratic Leadership – quietly creating leaders!

India in 2019 is clearly progressing towards a prosperous future with a firm and steady pace.

India in 2019 is clearly progressing towards a prosperous future with a firm and steady pace. This progression along with the requirements brings with it immense opportunities for the society, especially the youth to join in and contribute proactively to this progress train. India with its young population stands to benefit extensively from this change, which not only presents a multitude of opportunities but also gives space for the youth to learn new skills while contributing to nation-building.

After my graduation in Chemical Engineering, I was looking at similar opportunities to be a proactive part of nation-building and contribute to the socio-political sector. However, for me, the first requirement for sure was to get trained in important skills which would not only open new gateways of opportunities but will also give me a holistic idea of the intriguing socio-political domain in India. After a bit of research and interaction with various professionals, I got to know about the Indian Institute of Democratic Leadership (IIDL), which was one of kind in India, providing education and training in the field of Politics, Governance and Leadership.
What followed on my part was intensive analysis of the course curriculum, faculties, infrastructure and other factors accordingly IIDL emerged as a suitable organization for me and I applied for the 9 month Post Graduate Diploma program. After clearing the screening process I was all set to kick start my career in the socio-political domain. After joining the course my first step was surely to acknowledge the highly diverse and appealing field of governance where innovative ideas always find a suitable environment for growth. The course, being one of its kinds in India, provided me with an apt environment to hone my skills in fields of leadership, politics and governance.