The Nation First Writers Forum (NFWF) is a body of the National Writers and Authors, a new initiative of Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodini (RMP) started in April 2021.

It is the coming together of writers and authors across pan India who discusses relevant issues of national importance, their pros and con and takes them forward in their writings.

In the space of information and broadcasting, media whether in print, digital, news channel, publication houses or even social media, nationalist writers face a lot of challenges and hindrances. They find it difficult to get their writings published, are otherwise ignored and prevented to bring forth their view point before the citizens of the nation, of the world, the public in general. There exist ecosystems that do not allow space to nationalist writers/authors and vehemently attack them even if they get a chance. So, mainstream media in India operates on a model that prevents free expression of speech by silencing and cutting down the voices of the others.

The objective of Nation First Writers Forum is to provide space and opportunity to such nationalist writers, to freely express their views on events and happenings in the country; counter and cross counter them, interact and address issues. It also provides space to budding young writers to join hands and intern with experience and established writers/authors, get handholding support and mentorship to research, write and publish their writings.


  • Monthly Meet of all Writer and Author members of NFWF
  • Monthly Presentation on subject matters of national importance
  • Interaction with a Dignitary of National Stature


Mita Nath Bora, Convener |