RMP has been involved in Public Awakening for last 40 years of its existence. An informed, aware, awakened and responsible citizen is the cornerstone of a healthy and thriving democracy, its processes and its institutions. Thus RMP regularly conducts Public Awakening activities in the form of seminars, symposia, conclaves, debates, talks and discussions for thinkers, social workers, academicians, public leaders, voters as well as citizens at large. The purpose of these activities is either to deliberate over some issues of national importance, form consensus on some social or political reforms, spread awareness about some facts, events or happenings or simplifying some complex government rules, schemes or policies. However the turn of events in the last few years have proved a point that public awakening cannot just be about above mentioned activities only. Along with the effort of spreading correct information, it is also about curtailing and challenging misinformation. Therefore, few activists of RMP’s Udaan fellowship got together to take up this task of researching and studying campaigns that often try to exploit existing societal fault-lines to promote disharmony. And Project Sajag was born.

Project Sajag is an independent research into maliciously intended misinformation, an effort to understand, study and analysis the misrepresentation and misinformation in circulation against the various Policies, Reforms, Acts and Ordinances undertaken by our government in recent years.

The present elected government of India that received a thumping victory both in 2014 and 2019 has been committed to bring about positive reforms in the country. These positive reforms are being initiated keeping in view the demands of the 21st century, the global SDGs goals and for times ahead. However, every step that this government takes to help the nation move forward is met with an onslaught of negativity and criticism by a certain section of people and organization that is directed towards creating a vicious cycle of circulation of misinformation and misrepresentation of the facts, with an intent to spread anarchy. Therefore, a research based study of news reports, articles, papers, campaigns on social events on various government schemes and public policies under RMP’s Project SAJAG has been initiated since September 2020. The research reports covers topics and subject currently initiated by the government and issues therein are documented each week, are presented before other forums, such as the National Writers Forum and others.

Project SAJAG has been well appreciated, seen tremendous positive response and replication within this short span of time.


  1. Weekly Short Research Document on 6 Topics
    • i. Indian Agriculture Acts (Farm Bills) 2020
    • ii. Civil Liberties
    • iii. Environment- Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) 2020 & Central Vista Redevelopment Project
    • iv. Labour Codes 2019 & 2020
    • v. Love Jihad Ordinances & Bills
    • vi. Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe issues

    It has also earlier produces reports on Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Amendment Bill (FCRA), 2020 and National Education Policy(NEP) 2020

  2. Monthly Presentation
    • i. On each of the 6 topics
    • ii. On Positive Negative Publication Analysis
  3. Issue based Topics of Immediate National Interest
    • i. Greta Thunberg Toolkit
    • ii. COVID Toolkit

Research Team

  • Mita Nath Bora
  • Dr Simi Mishra
  • Prof Digvijay Mishra
  • Rahul Palhania
  • Jenisha Kiri
  • Kunal Raj

Contact Us

Mita Nath Bora | mita.bora@iidl.org.in