About Netritva Sadhana

Discover Netritva Sadhana, a certificate course in Socio-Political Leadership meticulously designed to cultivate and refine essential leadership skills. Rooted in academic rigor and practical application, this program addresses the pressing need for a structured, short-term training initiative tailored for aspiring professionals and individuals contemplating careers, active engagement in volunteering, or affiliation with social or political organizations.

Netritva Sadhana offers a transformative 5-day residential experience, providing a systematic and comprehensive introduction to the realms of social work, activism, and politics. Facilitated by a diverse cadre of experts including seasoned social workers, passionate activists, esteemed political leaders, renowned bureaucrats, and respected intellectuals, the course integrates formal instruction with informal interactions and immersive field visits, ensuring a holistic learning journey.

Vision of Netritva Sadhana

Our Vision: Our 5-Day Residential Training Program for Youth in Socio-Political Leadership aims to envision a future of empowered changemakers. We strive to cultivate a generation of visionary leaders who are adept, compassionate, and committed to driving positive societal transformation. Through immersive experiences, collaborative learning, and mentorship, we aspire to ignite the spark of impactful leadership, equipping youth with the knowledge, skills, and ethical foundations needed to navigate and shape the socio-political landscape with integrity, resilience, and a deep sense of responsibility. Together, we envision a world where the passion and potential of ouryouth converge to create lasting and meaningful change.”

Netritva Sadhana : Journey So Far

In an era where technology has empowered the youth, their active engagement in socio-political discourse has become increasingly pronounced. Recognizing this imperative, Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini (RMP) launched ‘Netritva Sadhana’ to nurture and equip the leaders of tomorrow.

Throughout its implementation, the program has attracted participation from over 491 young professionals hailing from diverse sectors across India, including Chartered Accountants, IT professionals, bankers, social workers, and students from varied backgrounds.

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About Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini

Established in 1982, Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini (RMP) is a pioneering society dedicated to leadership development and capacity building. Our mission is to nurture and empower elected representatives, social workers, and individuals driving institutions, organizations, and startups. Through our comprehensive training programs and research initiatives, we address socially relevant issues, including those affecting marginalized communities and rural areas.

With a special consultative status granted by the United Nations Economic and Social Council, RMP stands as a unique institution in South Asia and Southeast Asia. Over the years, we have trained over 2 lacs individuals, including Members of Parliament, Members of Legislative Assemblies, panchayat office bearers, NGOs, corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, and youth leaders.

At RMP, our objectives include enhancing the capabilities of voluntary activists and elected representatives, conducting seminars and workshops on socio-political issues, and promoting entrepreneurship and innovation through ideation workshops. We also offer regular training sessions for startup teams to navigate business challenges effectively.

Operating nationally with offices in Delhi, Pune, and Mumbai, RMP leverages its extensive local exposure, understanding, and networks to make a meaningful impact across the country. Additionally, we have established the Indian Institute of Democratic Leadership (IIDL), dedicated to fostering democratic leadership and grooming the youth for political responsibility.