The Knowledge Excellence Centre (KEC), a sprawling 15-acres campus nestled amidst the hills and green swathes of Gorai, serves as a perfect venue for all social and business needs providing modern amenities and facilities including a Helipad in the oasis of tranquility.

With facilities that can hold upto 1000 attendees along with accommodation and food for upto 250 individuals on campus, KEC has different offerings to suit your needs, ranging from prerequisites for large corporate events and training workshops to regular corporate meetings.

In addition to the business facilities, KEC has an enormous library, a swimming pool, an outdoor gymnasium and plenty of open spaces amidst towering trees for walking, Yoga, other recreational/fitness activities for splendid rejuvenation.

With more than just a beautiful location, KEC also takes cognizance of its responsibility towards the environment. KEC is a Green Campus. Here’s a peek into how:

  • Hot water needs are met by using a custom-designed Heat Recovery Unit that has a capacity to heat 1000 litres/hour by utilizing the heat generated from the air-conditioning system on campus. Also, we have installed a Solar Thermal Assembly with a capacity of 5000 litres which is more than enough for your daily needs.
  • Water for all non-drinking activities is filtered, recycled and reused with the help of an on-campus Sewage Treatment Plant with a capacity of 45 kilo-litres/day. Also, there is a large rain-water harvesting facility installed within the campus comprising two ponds with 8 Lakh and 68 lakh litres storage capacity respectively.
  • On-site rich fertilizer and manure production reaches upto 1 tonne/month as a result of mass composting kitchen and garden waste.
  • The infrastructure design and architecture is such that it ensures maximum use of natural light and ventilation in all its facilities.
  • Use of e-auto rickshaws for short commutes.
  • KEC is in the process of phasing out single-use plastics from the campus
  • Minimal food wastage achieved through meticulous planning and awareness
  • With this, we can proudly say that by using our facility, you become a part of our Green Family understanding the needs of responsible use and sustainable living.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) Certified