Leadership usually rises from the grassroots. And it is Grass roots that it must strive to address. RMP awakens this sense of responsibility in those who rise from this grim.The nation does not want able activists who have the potential to lead her. Tens of thousands of well-meaning individuals struggle in the dust laden streets for the rights of their societies; strive to bring change for betterment. The need is to channelize and guide this bridled force for development of the nation.

RMP seeks to be the enabler that elevates these promising individuals to become leaders. We are proud to have developed and established the very concept of Political Training in India. We have practiced specific need-based training to produce outstanding women leaders, youth leaders, leaders from weaker sections of the society among others.

At Prabodhini we offer innovative and tailor-made training programmes that actively engage individuals and organisations for capacity building and skill enhancement purposes at various levels. For any training to be successful and well targeted, organisational and institutional capacity gaps need to be correctly diagnosed, specific training needs must be assessed, and participants need to be selected strategically. Training success is predicted on adequate design with use of appropriate and professional pedagogic design, including opportunities to practice learned skills.

At Prabodhini, we believe that a high level of competence is always the result of systematic training and we endeavour to deliver the same. A variety of training programmes to cater to the needs of the voluntary sector and elected representatives of people is the hallmark of our mission. Our experts regularly assess the training needs of the respective sectors and develop tailor-made training packages.

  • वक्तृत्वकला आणि संवाद कौशल्ये प्रशिक्षण शिबिर
  • राजकीय कार्यकर्त्यांसाठी भाषणकला प्रशिक्षण शिबिर
  • भाषणकला प्रशिक्षण शिबिर
  • हिंदुत्व अध्ययन (परिचय) प्रमाणपत्र अभ्यासक्रम
  • नेतृत्व साधना
  • स्वा. सावरकर आंतर महाविद्यालयीन वाद-विवाद स्पर्धा
  • Introductory Course in Political Assistantship
  • An Introduction to Constitution of India
  • Online Certificate Programme – Introduction to Public Policy
  • Certificate Course in Political Assistantship
  • Online Certificate Course in Psephology
RMP Office Location Name Email Mobile
RMP-Chanchal Smruti Yadunath Deshpande yadunathd@rmponweb.org 9340342698
RMP-KEC Uttan Ameya Deshpande ameyad@rmponweb.org 8888803073
RMP Pune Office Rahul Tokekar rahult@rmponweb.org 9822971079
RMP Delhi Office Kamlakant Pathak rmpdelhi@rmponweb.org 7208070872

RMP provides capacity building and skill enhancement trainings for the following sectors:

  • Elected representatives
  • Political and social workers
  • Government and PSU Officials
  • CSOs, NGOs and SHGs
  • Industry and Financial Institutions
  • Academia
  • Other Democratic Institutions

Various beneficiaries for which RMP has organised specific capacity building programmes:

  • Political Party Workers
  • Members of State Legislatures
  • Municipal Councillors
  • Village Panchayat Members
  • Village Panchayat Chiefs
  • Zilla Parishad Members And Office Bearers
  • Mayors/Women Mayors
  • Young Tribal Leaders
  • Women Leaders Community Leaders From Arunachal Pradesh and North East India
  • Minority Community Activists
  • Women Leaders from Rural Areas
  • Trustees of Charitable Trusts
  • Trustees of Educational Institutions
  • University/College/School Non-Teaching Staff
  • Teachers
  • School Head Masters
  • College Principals
  • Students of Journalism
  • Co-Operative Bank Staff, Directors and Managers