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Institution Building Support Scheme

Institution Building Support Scheme (IBSS) is a unique scheme aimed at helping selected Voluntary Organisations (VO’s) in their capacity building for a more professionalised function. It was launched in May 2007 with support from ‘India Development Relief Fund’, ‘Sewa International’ and some well-wishers.

There is no shortage of devoted volunteers or say social devotees who keep working for the purpose of social uplift. However, their work remains deficient due to lack of technicality and suitable management. Consequently, such dedicated organisations with a great social cause have started to wither away. Taking into account the situation of such diffident NGOs, Prabodhini attempted to rebring the worthy among them.

The main objective of this Institution Building project is to help the overall process of Organisational Development (OD) of selected voluntary organisations (VOs) operating in India by making them more professional and effective in their functioning. Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini (RMP) will monitor this scheme as a nodal agency. Like-minded Non-resident Indians and their organisations abroad will financially support this scheme.

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  • To create an awareness among the office bearers and volunteers of such institutions about contemporary professional work culture and to create an informed commitment towards such professionalism.
  • To help in creating awareness about crucial areas like proper documentation of the ongoing social work, financial discipline, reporting systems and media relations and publicity and accordingly create an action-plan.
  • To help in creating awareness about crucial areas like proper documentation of the ongoing social work, financial discipline, reporting systems and media relations and publicity and accordingly create an action-plan.
  • To find out as to what kind of changes are required in the style of functioning of such organisations, while keeping in mind the requirements of modem times, as also to undertake efforts to create the required mindset to implement those changes and help in imbibing those relevant skill sets through a structured training program.
  • To encourage participation of talented and service oriented youths, from India as well as abroad; by way of internship of a particular duration and with a well-defined set of tasks to be completed, with a view to helping the voluntary organisation concerned.
  • To develop, over a period of time; a structured training material in different media on aspects of non-profit management for the purpose of trainees, both from India as well as from abroad.

IBSS – The Story

Selection of Organization

The protocol to select those organisations was based on the following considerations:

  • Organisations, which have been working in the social sector for at least past 5-10 years and who are a registered body under either the Bombay Public Charitable Trusts’ Act or the Societies Act, or under any similar legal framework.
  • Organisations working as a part of a broad network of service projects/activities undertaken by the nationalist movement.
  • Organisations working broadly on the lines of true nationalist ideology.
  • Organisations, having 80-G certificate will be given preference.

Applications are openly invited from such organisations in order to be a part of this project and they will be considered after consultation with office bearers of nationalist organisations. The selected organisations will be together called for a meeting in order to make them aware about the objectives of this project and their responsibility in making it a success.

After this, the organisations enter into a formal agreement with Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini (RMP) which is the nodal agency for the implementation of this project, about their participation in the same. This agreement will be in the form of a commitment to implement the suggestions/recommendations offered by the experts about further professionalisation of the organisation’s functioning.

Implementation of the project

This project will be implemented in three different segments.
Segment 1: A general survey of the working of the organization

A study-cum-survey will be conducted with the help of knowledgeable volunteers and professional experts, covering, among other things; following key areas: The overall purposefulness of the organisation. Commitment to the cause behind the organisation on the part of the office bearers and its reflection in their functioning. The level of clarity amongst them about the organisation’s mission in general and their own plan, if any; to accomplish that mission. Day-to-day management and general style of functioning of the organisation, work culture in its office and the level of responsive institutional administration. Decision-making processes in general, as also element of functional team spirit amongst the office-bearers and structured efforts for cultivating a second line of command within the organisation. Overall financial condition, financial discipline and transparency. Ability to function as per the norms lay down by the charity commissioner or similar agencies. The general quality of relationship between the office bearers and employees/volunteers. Also, overall ability to deal with the issues like discrimination between the paid workers and volunteers. A detailed written study report of this survey will be prepared and presented to the office bearers of the organisation. Discussion will be held with them in order to cultivate a conducive mind set in the organisation for implementation of the recommendations from the report. This survey will be completed in 3-5 days. There will be a suitable feedback/reporting mechanism to all the stake holders (donors included) for every segment.

Segment 2: Assistance promotion of visibility through publicity

This segment of the mss will entail creating a website for the organisation (in case the said organisation does not have) or improving the existing one, its maintenance and Updation for about one year, and creating and implementing a broad visibility promotion plan (VBP). A structured plan of action to promote the visibility of the organisation through a multi-media strategy after reviewing the needs of the organisation will be prepared in consultation with the office bearers of the organisation. Under this segment, mss will cover expenses incurred over consultancy, preparation of strategy, creative inputs for limited publicity material, booking of the web space for one year and creation of the web site as also limited training concerning the updating of the web site.

Segment 3: Placement of Interns and Functional Training

This segment will primarily focus upon, among all other things; use of appropriate technology and tools to improve the productivity and responsiveness in the day-to-day administration of the org. concerned. Emphasis will be upon database maintenance, tracking, better communication and follow-up mechanism for a result oriented and time-bound completion of tasks and assignments. In this segment, RMP will try and after due consent of the organisation concerned, appoint one/two interns; preferably students or young volunteers who will work for the org. concerned for a period of not less than six months in order to work on specialised assignments with the help of the organisations existing set of volunteers. In case the org. concerned prefers to have its own volunteers working as trainees/interns for the relevant specialised task and if this suggestion is considered as feasible in all respects; in-house interns will be appointed for at least six months. In either of the cases, these interns will simultaneously undergo some relevant training in a structured manner and will work with the org. concerned and offer their services. Besides this, functional training will be conducted for about 20-25 major volunteers and office bearers of the organisation; the objective of this training will be to develop a mindset, which will help in cultivating a contemporary work culture, in line with modern management practices. This will involve a residential training for a minimum of three days and this will happen at the RMP KEC at Uttan-Bhayander, near Mumbai. This training session will focus mainly on mindset change and introduction to the relevant skill sets.


IBSS I - Selected VOs And There Work Area

Sr.NoVo’s NameStateActivities
1Bhagirath Gramvikas PratishtanZarap, SindudurgBhagirath Gramvikas Pratishtan’ was set up at Zarap village at Konkan district to save the energy of the breadwinners in the village who used to head in different bearing for the purpose of employment. Considering such employment problems, this organisation initiated employment projects like, dairy-farming, bio-gas; farming, canals, poultry etc… were successfully implemented.
2Janadhar Sevabhavi SansthaLaturJanadhar Sevabhavi Sanstha got inspired by the idol Baba Amte’s work for leprosy patient .They are working for Rag pickers in Latur. They are successfully implemented solutions for recycling of different kind of waste by assuring rag-pickers daily bread via waste collection. They undertook several activities like, medical check up, schooling provision for the rag picker’s children. They also have their own established self help groups.
3UdyogvardhiniSolapurUdyogvardhini comprehensively works for women’s empowerment by encouraging the hidden entrepreneur in them by setting up self help groups. Their ‘Bhakri Chatni’ making activity is globally famous that many times people get amased that, how come their bhakri remains intact for three months. Thus, it can be said that, women can create wonders in the kitchens as well.
4Mata-Balak utkarsh pratishthanSangolaVillage Sangola in district Solapur is ill-famed as a drought area where Mata-Balak utkarsh pratishthan played a significant role in social, mental and financial upliftment of the women. Sangola is famous for its primordial Ghongadi (kind of blanket) weaving activity business now once again gaining its old form and thanks to Mata balak utkarsh pratisthan. Apart from other government aided school Mata-Balak Utkarsh Pratishthan’s school will step in to its 25th successful year in the field of educ
5Keshav Seva SadhanaGoaKeshav Seva Sadhana was established in the year of 1093 at Goa. This organisation specially engaged in the field of education as they have three hostels, along with the school for mentally challenged children. This organisation also engaged in the area of health issues in full swing.

IBSS II - Observation Team Members

Sr.NoVo’s NameStateFields
1Sanjeev BhendeMaharashtraSocial Worker
2Jagdish MalkhareMaharashtraSocial Worker
3Ratnakar PatilMumbaiSocial Worker
4Ravindra SatheMumbaiSocial Worker
5Varsha TawadeMumbaiSocial Worker
6Trupti GodseMaharashtraMedia Person
7Milind BhanageMaharashtraMedia Person
8Sameer JogalekarMumbaiMedia Person
9Jayesh JoshiThaneMedia Person
10Sunil MishraMumbaiMedia Person
11Chandrashekhar VazeMaharashtraAccounts Expert
12Sanjay DongareMaharashtraAccounts Expert
13Mangesh KinareMaharashtraAccounts Expert
14Ajit PendseMaharashtraAccounts Expert
15Santosh KelkarMaharashtraAccounts Expert
16Vaibhav KulkarniMaharashtraAccounts Expert
17Rajesh KapseMaharashtraManagement Expert
18Shriram PatvardhanThaneTax Consultant
19Vivek SinareMaharashtraManagement Expert
20Pravin WategaonkarMaharashtraManagement Expert

IBSS II - List of office co-ordinators for selected VOs

Sr.NoVO’s NameStateGuardian
1Dindayal Bahuuddeshiya Prasarak MandalYawatmalMr. Gajanan M. Parsodkar
2Shri. Chaitanya Mauli Vishwasta MandalSangliMiss. Manisha Desai
3Shivasphurti Gramvikas MandalHadi, Malvan,Dist. SindhudurgMr. Vishwanath Kambli
4Ahilya Mahila MandalPen, District RaigadMr. Kalpesh Padvi
5Sheti Parivar Kalyan SansthaAtpadi Gaon, Dist.SangliMr. Vinayak Patil
6Seva BhartiEchalkaranjiMr. Bharat Awle
7Torna Rajgad Parisar Samajonnati NyasVelhe, Dist. PuneMr. Dattatray Urmude
8Swami Vivekanand Samaj Prabodhan Bahuuddeshiya SansthaSillod, Dist.AurangabadMr. Sujit Shinde
9Dr. Hedgevar SevasamitiNandurbarMr. Devidas Kadhare
10Vanvasi Kalyan KendraThaneMr.Vrushabh Nikam

IBSS II - Selected VOs And There Work Area

Sr.NoVo’s NameStateFocus AreaActivities
1Dindayal Bahuuddeshiya Prasarak Mandal.YawatmalRural Development, Rural Health, School, Projects-Farming, Water, Vanavasi Kalyan
2Shri. Chaitanya Mauli Vishwasta MandalSangliWomen Empowerment, Women and Child Development Projects
3Women Empowerment,Women and Child Development ProjectsHadi, Malvan,Dist. SindhudurgWomen Empowerment,Rural Development, Health Camps, Blood Donation Camps Energy Preservation Project.
4AhilyaMahila MandalPenWomen Empowerment (Financial Development, Counseling, Camps), Rural Development, Health-Blood Bank, School Disables Development.
5Sheti Parivar Kalyan SansthaAtpadi Gaon, Dist.SangliRural Development-Farming, Water, Poultry Farms.
6Seva BhartiIchalkaranjiRural Health Pathology Lab , Hospital, Ambulance, Eye Clinic and Educational Institute.
7Torna Rajgad Parisar Samajonnati NyasVelhe, Dist. PuneHostels, Rural Health, Women Empowerment, Sanskar Varga.
8Swami Vivekanand Samaj Prabodhan Bahuuddeshiya SansthaSillod, Dist.AurangabadRural Development Micro finance Groups, Water, Rural Health Volunteer, Expansion of Organic Farming, Ground Water Management.
9Dr. Hedgevar SevasamitiNandurbarTribal Welfare, School for Poor Students Women Empowerment, Rural Development Water Supply, Cleanliness,Educational Institutions.
10Vanvasi Kalyan KendraThaneWoman EmpowermentWork Area Tribal Welfare Woman Empowerment

IBSS II - Guardians with their respective VO

Sr.NoVo’s NameStateGuardian
1Shivasphurti Gramvikas MandalHadi, Dist. Sindhudurga.Dr. Prasad Deodhar
2Swami Vivekanand Samaj Prabodhan Bahuuddeshiya SansthaSillod, Dist. Aurangabad.Vivek Atre
3Sheti Parivar Kalyan SansthaAtpadi, Dist. Sangli.Vivek Atre
4Dr.Hedgewar SevasamitiNandurbarVivek Atre
5Seva BharatiIchalkaranji, Dist. Kolhapur.Yashwant Thakar
6Vanvasi Kalyan KendraDahanu, Dist. Thane.Ravindra Sathe
7Ahilya Mahila MandalPen, Dist. Raigad.Pramod Kulkarni
8Shree Chaitanya Mauli Vishwasta MandalSangli.Pramod Kulkarni
9Torna-Rajgad Parisar Samajonnati NyasVelhe, Dist. Pune.Ratnakar Patil
10Dindayal Bahuuddeshiya Prasarak MandalYavatmalRatnakar Patil

IBSS III - Observation Team Members

Sr.NoVo’s NameStateFields
1DilipNaveleMumbaiRMP Officials
2Dr. Gajanan DangeNandurbarSocial Activist
3Shirish BhagatMumbaiC.A./Accountant
4Shriram PatwardhanMumbaiC.A./Accountant
6Jyoti ChouthaiwaleAhemadabadManagement
7Ravi GuptaDelhiManagement
8Milind BetawadkarMumbaiRMP Officials
9Mrudul BapatMumbaiRMP Officials
10MrunalUndeMumbaiRMP Officials
11Ravindra SatheMumbaiRMP Officials
12Umesh MoreMumbaiRMP Officials
13Arvind RegeMumbaiRMP Officials
14Sunil JangamMumbaiRMP Officials
15Shashank TilakMumbaiIT Consultant
16Sunil MishraMumbaiMedia Person / Website Developer
17Vinod PawarMumbaiMedia Person
18Jayesh JoshiMumbaiMedia Person / Website Developer
19Dr. Prasad DeodharRatnagiriSocial Activist
20Pramod KulkarniPramod KulkarniSocial Activist
21Rajendra NannawareJalgaonSocial Activist
22Vivek AtrePuneSocial Activist
23Girish JoshiMadhya PradeshSocial Activist
24Chandrashekhar VazeMumbaiC.A./Accountant
25Atul DharapMumbaiC.A./Accountant

IBSS III - List of office co-ordinators for selected VOs

Sr.NoVO’s NameStateGuardian
1Dr.HedgewarJanmashatabdiSewa SamitiChandrapur, MaharashtraVaibhav Thote
2Chhattisgarh MahilaManchRaipur, ChhattisgadhMyansingSahu
3RashtrothanNyasGwalior, Madhya PradeshJitendra Waze
4Shri Sewa Bharati Shiksha SamitiIndore, Madhya PradeshSeema Khalse
5Sewa Bharati (Madhya Bharat)Bhopal, Madhya PradeshAnurag Pande
6Dr.AmbedkarVanvasi Kalyan TrustSurat, GujratKrupa Vishal Vyas
7SampurnaBambu KendraAmravati, MaharashtraSuruchi Naik
8VanvasiUtkarsha SamitiNandurbar, MaharashtraRahul Marathe
9Gram Vikas MandalJalgaon, MaharashtraDnyaneshwar Dhole
10BhatkeVimukta Vikas PratishthanUsmanabad, Maharashtra.UmakantMitkar
11Govind Maharaj Gopal Samaj Vikas ParishadLatur, MaharashtraChandrashekhar Patil
12Vivekanand VaidyakPratishthanSangli, MaharashtraPrakash Pol
13Jana Bharati NyasKolhapur, MaharashtraSuresh Powar
14Nana PalkarSmruti SamitiMumbai MaharashtraVaishali Deshpande
15A.S.OakVanoushadhiSanshodhan and SanvardhanPratishthanRaigadh, MaharashtraKavita Gaikwad

IBSS III - Selected VOs And There Work Area

Sr.NoVo’s NameStateFocus AreaActivities
1A.S.OakVanoushadhiSanshodhan and SanvardhanPratishthanRaigadh, MaharashtraRural Development & HealthSelf Help Groups, Hospital, Agriculture Science Group, Nursary, Cowpen
2Nana PalkarSmruti SamitiMumbai MaharashtraHealthHospital, DialisisCenter, Family Welfare Center(HIV-AIDS Counselling), Pathology Lab
3Jana Bharati NyasKolhapur, MaharashtraRural DevelopmentDevelopment in Agriculture Field, Cowpen
4Vivekanand VaidyakPratishthanSangli, MaharashtraHealth & Education in HealthHospital, Health Services Project, Health Awareness Programmes,Edcuation : Nursing Course, Nursing Institute, Nutrition & Dietician course, Self Help Groups,
5Govind Maharaj Gopal Samaj Vikas ParishadLatur, MaharashtraHealth & EducationHostel for Tribal Students, Schools for Tribal Students, Vocational Training for Tribal People, Health Care Center
6BhatkeVimukta Vikas PratishthanUsmanabad, Maharashtra.EducationResidential Hostels for Tribal Students
7Gram Vikas MandalJalgaon, MaharashtraRural Development & EducationLibrary for Childrens, Mobile Laboratory of Science, Tutions, Awareness Programmes for Farmers
8VanvasiUtkarsha SamitiNandurbar, MaharashtraRural Development & EducationEducation for Tribal Students, Computer Education, Micro-Insurance, Self Help Groups, Awareness sessions of YOG.
9SampurnaBambu KendraAmravati, MaharashtraRural Development & Education in Bamboo Hand Work.Self Help Groups, Project for Technical Skill Upgradation of Schedule Caste BASOD artisan from Melghat, Tocreat a Trainers for Bamboo Handwork Training, Training for Tribal Young people, Running Bamboo Handwork Training Courses
10Dr.HedgewarJanmashatabdiSewa SamitiChandrapur, MaharashtraEducation & HealthHostel, Clinic, Hospital, Mobile Dispensary, Ambulance, Blood Bank, Mobile Library, Self Help Groups
11Dr. Ambedkar Vanvasi Kalyan TrustSurat, GujratEducation & HealthHostels for Tribal Students, Hospital, Medical Mobile Van, Library, Computer Classes, Self Help Groups, Vocational Training
12Sewa Bharati (Madhya Bharat)Bhopal, Madhya PradeshRural Development & Training for Tribal PeoplesSchool for Tribal Students, Orphanage, Vocational Training for Tribal Women,
13Shri Sewa Bharati Shiksha SamitiIndore, Madhya PradeshRural Health & EducationLibrary, Rural Health Project: Hospital, Health Care Center, Study Center on YOG, Thyro Care Center, Rural News Magazine: Hindu Garjana,
14RashtrothanNyasGwalior, Madhya PradeshRural Development & HealthMobile Dispensary, Orphanage, Old Age Home, Hostel for students, Computer Education for Tribal Students, Girls & Boys Hostel for Tribal Students
15Chhattisgarh MahilaManchRaipur, ChhattisgadhWomen Empowerment & Rural HealthSchool for Poor Students, Family Wefare of Women, Rural Health Project ( RCH), Research on Crime Against Women in Western Region (BPR & D)

IBSS III - Guardians with their respective VO

Sr.NoVO’s NameStateGuardian
1A.S.OakVanoushadhiSanshodhan and SanvardhanPratishthanRaigadh, MaharashtraNiranjan Welankar and Shriram Patwardhan
2Nana PalkarSmruti SamitiMumbai, MaharashtraArvind Rege
3Jana Bharati NyasKolhapur, MaharashtraDr.ArunaKaulgud
4Vivekanand VaidyakPratishthanSangli, MaharashtraDr.ArunaKaulgud
5Govind Maharaj Gopal Samaj Vikas ParishadLatur, MaharashtraMilind Betawadkar
6BhatkeVimukta Vikas PratishthanUsmanabad, MaharashtraMilind Betawadkar
7Gram Vikas MandalJalgaon, MaharashtraPramod Kulkarni
8VanvasiUtkarsha SamitiNandurbar, MaharashtraUmesh More
9SampurnaBambu KendraAmravati, MaharashtraPramod Kulkarni
10Dr.HedgewarJanmashatabdiSewa SamitiChandrapur, MaharashtraPramod Kulkarni
11Dr. Ambedkar Vanvasi Kalyan TrustSurat, GujratJyoti Chowthaiwale
12Sewa Bharati (Madhya Bharat)Bhopal, Madhya PradeshVivek Atre
13Shri Sewa Bharati Shiksha SamitiIndore, Madhya PradeshArvind Rege
14RashtrothanNyasGwalior, Madhya PradeshVivek Atre
15Chhattisgarh MahilaManchRaipur, ChhattisgadhRavindra Sathe