On the eve of Shri Rambhau Mhlagi’s birth anniversary (July 9), RMP has started the tradition to organise a lecture, called the ‘Rambhau Mhalgi Memorial Lecture’. Rambhau Mhalgi was an ideal representative of the people. Prabodhini, which has been named after him, launched an initiative of a memorial lecture in his name and on his 75th birth anniversary. RMP has been inviting senior leaders from different areas of expertise to deliver this lecture every year. So far, in this lecture series, laureates like Shri Lal Krishna Advani, Smt. Sushma Swaraj, Dr Prabhakar Mande, Shri Suresh Soni, Shri Ram Madhan, Dr Rakesh Sinha have delivered insightful speeches.

In 2018, the lecture was based on ‘Arya Chanakya – Life and Work: In the Present Context’, and was delivered by Shri Amit Shah, National President of BJP. Arya Chanakya is one personality in the history of our country, who created an influential status for himself in the cultural and political life of the country, in spite of being located beyond the purview of power circles. Shri. Amit Shah went on to explain how Arya Chanakya’s theories are useful even today. 

During his insightful speech, he focused, at length, on several concepts of nation, administration, duties of a king, public life, trade, foreign policy, shrewd manoeuvres in power politics and intelligence department referring to scholarly books authored by Chanakya such as Kautilya Asrthashastra, Chanakya Neetidarpan, Chanakya Saar-Sangraha, Laghu-Chanakya, Vruddha Chanakya, Chanakya Sutra and Visnugupta Siddhanta, etc.

In the background of this insightful speech, an essay competition was also conducted for youth on the theme ‘Arya Chanakya’ from 22 June to 30 June 2018. The subjects for this essay competition were – Chanakya’s concept of an ideal nation-building, Chanakya – a Management Guru and Chanakya’s concept of Public Welfare. 1,457 participants contested in this essay competition and the winners were awarded prizes by Shri. Amit Shah.