Prabodhini has been organising a dialogue called ‘Samvaad Sabha’ since 2013. Leading Marathi editors and writers as well as voracious readers and literature experts join this dialogue at RMP to exchange ideas and thoughts on Marathi language and culture. Every year a gathering of 30 to 40 participants, which include journalists, artists, authors, publishers and like-minded readers. The common thread to all of these meetings so far, has been ‘Marathi Language and Culture: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’. The Samvaad Sabha has become an annual gathering of like-minded intellectuals in the Marathi culture within just 5 years of its commencement. Eminent participants noted that these discussions, held in green surroundings, stimulate editors, journalists, publishers and writers to shape public opinion. The themes discussed at the ‘Samvaad Sabha’ seminar include ‘Modern Maharashtra and Religion’, ‘Journalism today: Realities and Challenges’, ‘Concerns regarding Marathi language’, etc.