At Prabodhini, we have a separate department for research on social and political issues. This department primarily undertakes studies and surveys with a professional approach.
Besides this, we also conduct on-the-spot studies for the benefit of the activists, civil servants, and elected representatives. Hence, in Prabodhini, research projects are generally a group assignment. Experts and activists put their minds together and come up with a dispassionate analysis of the issue, invariably after an on-the-spot study of the given topic. In the process, activists grasp the art of forensic analysis while experts come to grip with ground realities. The outcome, in the form of a report, helps understand the issue and then form an informed opinion. We have come out with several such reports over the years.

Some research reports prepared till now:

  • Growth of Naxalite Movement in Maharashtra (1989)
  • The Role of LTTE in Tamil Nadu Politics (1990)
  • Village Level Water Conservation Projects: A Comparative Analysis of Govt. and Non-Govt. projects (1993)
  • Enron power project x-rayed (1994)
  • Left Front Rule in West Bengal: Genesis, Growth and Decay (1997)
  • Empowering Women through 33% reservations in local bodies (1996)
  • Human Right Violations during the Solapur riots in 2002 (2002)
  • Development and Internal Security in Chhattisgarh: Impact of Naxalite Movement (2006)

At Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini, we offer two distinct and unique kinds of fellowships as a part of our efforts to promote People-oriented Research on Issues of socio-political, cultural and economic importance.

To encourage research and fact-finding studies, Prabodhini has instituted Vastav-Darshan Fellowship. Sponsored by our well-wishers, this annual fellowship is given to young journalists to undertake exhaustive research and analysis on a topic of their choice. We have also initiated a novel scheme called Researcher-in-Residence Scheme with a view to encouraging in-house research activities.