A successful Netritva Sadhana participant is one who attends and actively participates in all the programme sessions with attention and due sincerity. A successful Netritva Sadhana participant can expect a five-fold benefit from the programme as listed below –

  • Transformational Learning – An incisive and extensive introductory understanding of the Indian polity through senior academicians, experts or renowned social and political leaders.
  • Guidance for Career & Mentors for Life – Understanding and realization of various challenges involved in choosing a social or political career & life long mentors in the form of resource persons.
  • Awareness and Education – Peer learning from a diverse but equally intelligent and committed group.
  • Enhanced Strategic Network – Fellow aspirants as friends for lifetime and affiliation to the Netritva Sadhana Alumni groups.
  • Socio-Political Credentials – The certificate in socio-political leadership could pave a smooth entry in the socio-political arena for many aspirants or could further enhance the credentials for a few others.
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