About the Conference:

On October 7, 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will complete twenty years of heading India’s state and national governments in two principal capacities. His first stint of thirteen years as the Chief Minister of Gujarat was followed by his ongoing role as India’s Prime Minister for the last seven years. The completion of two decades of Modi’s headship has presented an opportunity to decode the nuances of his competent governance. The three-day conference is organized by Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini to review two decades of Narendra Modi as Head of Governments.

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Delivering Democracy for two decades

In the first part of his leadership journey – PM Modi, as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, was known for his efficient and effective style of governance. Modi’s Gujarat Model of development propelled his journey as a national leader. His identity as an able administrator was shaped by the decisions he took and implemented in Gujarat. At the same time, he navigated Gujarat through social unrest, natural disasters, and stalled pace of industrial development in the state. He became the trusted leader for the investors who wanted to invest in the state. Modi’s chief ministerial tenure became the yardstick to measure the performance of other chief ministers in India. . It was thus a highly natural transition to the national leadership in 2014.

Modi’s extraordinary oratory skills, relationship building, ability to pay attention to small details and nuances, genuine interest in people, and intelligent comprehension of challenges, make him a unique leader. However, what sets him apart and makes him a successful leader, time and time again, in the world’s largest democracy is his ability to deliver on the commitments he makes to the citizens.

During the last two years, the way Prime Minister Modi has managed the pandemic in India is a case study on effective governance. Modi has met the unprecedented challenge successfully by carefully mapping the required actions. He managed to deliver health and safety to Indian citizens even in the absence of a pre-planned path.

It is observed that the success of liberal democracy hinges on its ability to deliver results. Modi’s tenure as Head of Government for the last two decades is marked by his ability to ensure his actions match his words. The conference will aim to analyze and appraise the 20 years tenure of India’s most optimist leader who delivered democracy to the citizens.

Summary Report of National Conference 2021