Indian democracy has evolved over centuries. Globally, India has earned the recognition of being a cradle of spiritual democracy. Good Governance is a necessary requirement for a sustainable democracy to deliver development and welfare to its citizens.

Good Governance is generally defined in the form of ways and mechanisms by which different stakeholders of a democracy namely, legislature, judiciary, executive, private sector, civil society and citizens work to secure justice, empowerment, employment and efficient delivery of services in the country.

International developmental organizations like UN, World Bank, Asian Development Bank etc. have defined Good Governance in different ways but they all broadly agree on the following eight points being the key components of good governance: –

Accountability both political and bureaucratic, Participation of various stakeholders in the decision-making process, Rule of law, Transparency and freedom of information, Responsiveness, Equitable and inclusiveness, Effective and efficient administration and Robust grievance redressal mechanisms. In this backdrop of increased national consciousness about Good Governance and its rewards, Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini has decided to hold its annual National Convention on the topic of Sushasan Sangam. This 2-day convention is being held at RMPs Knowledge Excellence Centre in Bhayander, Thane (Near Mumbai) on 20-21 January 2019.

Brochure for National Convention 2019


  • To provide a platform to the practitioners – government officials, NGOs, civil society organizations and individuals to present their experiences, best practices and successful good governance projects.
  • To develop a repository of knowledge pool of case studies, policy initiatives, success stories, in order to establish a network for mutual learning.
  • To understand and share the theoretical framework and parameters developed in the field of Good Governance and its various dimensions.

Sub Themes

What governments ought to do while they progress on the path of delivering Good Governance, is beautifully captured by authors Osborne and Gaebler in their book Reinventing Government. Based on their work, RMP has decided to keep following as also the Convention sub-themes :-

  • Steering rather than rowing, Catalytic Government
  • Empowering rather than serving, Community owned government
  • Injecting competition into service delivery, Competitive Government
  • Funding the outcomes not inputs, Result Orientated Government
  • Meeting the needs of the customer and not bureaucracy, Customer driven government
  • Prevention better than cure, Anticipatory Government
  • From hierarchy to participation and team work, Decentralized government
  • Leveraging the change through Market, Market oriented government