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Public Awakening

All such contemporary issues that dominate our society are discussed threadbare at the seminars and symposia organized by the Prabodhini. We see to it that prominent personalities representing various shades of opinions take part and contribute to the process of churning. RMP works in the domain of Public Awakening.

Since the inception of the activities for overall public awakening and opinion makers in 1988, Prabodhini has organized seminars and symposia on several issues of national importance.

Some of the prominent issues discussed on the Prabodhini platform in the past include:


  •  Crisis of Drinking Water in Maharashtra (1991)
  •  Perversion of the concept of Secularism (1992)
  • Commercialization of Professional Education. (1993)
  • Crisis of Criminalisation of Politics (1995)
  • Issue of Large Scale Infiltration from Bangladesh and its Impact (1996)
  • Enhancing Employment Opportunities for Urban Women (1998)
  • People Oriented Administrative Reforms (2000)
  • National reconstruction through Voluntary Activism (2001)
  • Seminar on Maharashtra Water Policy (2002)
  • Tribal Development Convention (2003)
  • Relevance and Limitations of Social-Work Education (2004)
  • Convention against religion-based reservations (2004)
  • National Seminar on Forest Laws, Tribal Communities; Livelihood and Conservation (2005)
  • War On Terrorism (2008)
  • Development through Good Governance (2012)
  • Co-operative – At Bhopal (Feb 2012)