[wd_headings headings_title=”Samagra Atal Ji” headings_subtitle=”A Mega Project of Digitising Honorable Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s Literature and Speeches” headings_subtitle_tag=”p” headings_separator=”border” headings_separator_border_color=”#063169″ headings_separator_border_width=”4px” wd_heading_font_family=”Ubuntu” wd_heading_font_weight=”600″ wd_sub_heading_font_family=”Ubuntu” wd_sub_heading_font_weight=”300″ wd_sub_heading_line_height=”25″ wd_sub_heading_font_size=”18″]

The Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini (RMP) launched its mega project ‘Samagra Atalji’ to digitize former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s speeches, articles, and interviews. RMP oversaw the project and invited material related to Vajpayee Ji’s life from the public. On the launch of the project, it received blessings from various leaders, some of which are mentioned below:

“Atal Ji was a source of inspiration for all of us. Nationalism was his inspiration. There was a time when the books were the only source of information. Now with the help of IT, we can acquaint the young generation with Atal Ji’s life through this project.” 

~Current Minister for Road Transport & Highways of India, Mr. Nitin Gadkari

“He was a global leader, a man beyond party leadership. Today’s leaders and youth would benefit the most from the compilation”. The proposed work should be translated into several languages and an open source website should be created in the name of the project to reach out to the masses.”

~ Former President of India, Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

“I miss Atal Ji’s presence at public functions. We first met in 1948 and worked hard in Delhi to ensure the victory of Bharatiya Jan Sangh candidate in Delhi’s corporation elections in 1953.” 

~ Senior BJP leader L.K. Advani 

The “Samagra Atalji” project will be accomplished in two phases:

  • Phase One: Will focus on digitization of material related to Vajpayee, including recorded speeches, poems, and interviews
  • Phase Two: Will focus on archival of the material collected

BJP leader Vijay Goel made the first contribution to the project by donating his personal collection of material related to Vajpayee at the launch.

For More Details Visit www.ataljee.org