a. Study-Tour of Malaysia (2022-2023)

A group of 23 alumni from Indian Institute of Democratic Leadership(IIDL), a centre promoted by Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini, embarked on a study tour to Malaysia in collaboration with the Manipal Education Group. The tour encompassed classroom sessions held at Manipal University’s campus in Malaysia, focusing on Malaysian politics, history, and culture. Additionally, participants had the opportunity to engage with the former deputy minister for education and explore key landmarks such as the Batu Caves, Petronas Towers, and the historic city of Malacca.

b. India-South Sudan Relations (2018-2019)

Dr. John Akec, Vice-chancellor of the University of Juba, South Sudan visited RMP and conducted a session on South Sudan with IIDL students. He was accompanied by Renu Prithiani, regional Officer of ICCR.

c. Indo-China Institutional Relations (2018-2019)

On the invitation of Hainan Institute for World Watch in China and the Academy for World Watch (AWW) in Shanghai, Director-General of RMP, Sh. Ravindra Sathe visited Shanghai to deliver a talk on ‘Issues before Parliamentary Elections in India – 2019’ at Fudan University and before the above mentioned universities. As a part of this visit, strengthening institutional relations was also explored by both sides. Accordingly, a group of researchers from RMP paid a visit to Shanghai under the leadership of Sh. Ravi Pokharana where they interacted with researchers and scholars from AWW and Shanghai Institute for International Studies.

d. Visit of the UMNO’s Delegation, Malaysia (2016-2017)

A delegation of 6 members of the ruling party of Malaysia, United Malaysia The National Organisation (UMNO) visited India to study Indian Political Parties’ Election Campaign. The main intention was to study the election campaign and overall functioning of the BJP which formed the government in 2014. Since the training programmes of the BJP are organised at RMP, RMP hosted the delegation introducing them to the various training and capacity building programmes conducted here.

e. Exchange Programme with International Republican Institute (IRI) (2011-2012)

International Republican Institute (IRI) is a training and research organisation closely linked with the Republican Party in the USA. With the broad objective of forging greater mutual understanding, a delegation of political activists and public leaders visited the USA on the invitation of the IRI. BJP General Secretary Dharmendra Pradhan, MP was the leader of this visiting team. Sh.Ravindra Sathe,from RMP was also one of the key members of this delegation.
In the next stage, an IRI delegation visited India and they were hosted by RMP. Ambassador Paula Dobriansky led this 7 member delegation. Sessions on key issues were conducted which included ideological fundamentals of the BJP and its contribution to Indian politics, BJP’s training system, challenge of terrorism etc.

f. Study-Tour of Taiwan (2010-2011)

The foreign ministry of Taiwan had organised a study tour for which RMP’s Milind Arolkar was selected to be part of this tour. The main part of this tour was discussion sessions on history of China, political background, China-Taiwan relations, Taiwan’s position at the international level etc.

g. Malawi Delegation’s Study Tour (2009-2010)

A government delegation from the African country of Malawi came on a study tour to India organised by RMP and its partners. To strengthen its democracy and to see if the 3-tier working pattern of Indian governance can be implemented in Malawi which is currently single-tier.

h. Visit to Taiwan (2009-2010)

On the invitation of the Taiwan Government, a delegation of political and social workers from India under the leadership of Dr.Najma Heptullah including Dr.Vinay Sahasrabuddhe from RMP paid a visit and met President of Taiwan Maing Jeu and other high ranking officials for in-depth discussions on mutual cooperation.

i. Visit of National University of Singapore (2008-2009)

Dr. Mukul Asher of the National University of Singapore visited RMP and delivered a talk on International Perspectives

j. Symposium of British Teachers (2007-2008)

Dr. Vijay Bedekar, Director, Institute of Oriental Studies, Thane organised a visit by a group of 10 teachers from Britain to Prabodhini. RMP International organised a brief orientation on Rural Education in India for the visitors.

k. China Visit (2003-2004)

Sh. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, Director-General, RMP paid a visit to China as a member of a team of journalists who accompanied the Prime Minister Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee while participating in several conferences.

l. Mayoral Workshop, Capetown, South Africa (2002-2003)

Sh. Ravindra Sathe from RMP was invited to attend a workshop held for 26 mayors of South Africa at Capetown between August 18 and 21 2002. The Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) from Sweden organised this workshop.

m. Indo-Afghan Goodwill Mission (2002-2003)

Was part of the Goodwill Mission to Afghanistan as a part of the “Indo-Afghan Bilateral Cooperation” for sharing knowledge on capacity-building/training and leadership based on democratic values in 2002 and also explored what role could Indian voluntary organisations play in rebuilding the nation.