To contribute to the efforts for evolving a democracy that delivers through multifarious activities aimed at empowering activists through capacity building, enlightening the citizenry through public education and creating an informed public opinion through objectively conducted research.


  • To work for building the capacities of the elected representatives, political party activists, and voluntary social workers while understanding the overall human resource development needs of these sectors.
  • To impart capacity building training with a view to empowering the functionaries belonging to democratic polity, voluntary activism, and institution building; work in a result-oriented manner, with a professional approach and without diluting the commitment to eternal human principles.
  • To offer training aimed at knowledge enrichment, skill development and sustaining the purity of purpose.
  • To offer the citizenry an academy where leadership traits could be honed in a scientific way enabling the society at large overcome the all-pervading crisis of leadership.


  • To establish and manage or assist in establishing and managing educational institutions, including training centers for the integrated development of social services, social sciences, and social workers.
  • To undertake, execute and assist in executing research activities concerning socially pertinent issues, including those of the backward classes and rural communities.
  • To publish and aid the publication of books, periodicals, newspapers and other literature of public importance on Economics, Social Sciences, Public Policy, and Cultural Matters.
  • To conduct lectures, seminars, debates, conferences and symposia on matters of public importance.
  • To provide aid and assistance to deserving authors, journalists, artists, sportsmen, and social workers or their institutions.
  • To run libraries and study centers for the benefit of the public in general.
  • To conduct or to assist in conducting surveys and research or study projects or any kind of activity aimed at public awakening on issues concerning voluntary activism, leadership development, democracy, human rights, economic welfare, ecology and environmental issues, rural and forest development, welfare of tribal and other under-privileged classes and such other relevant issues.
  • To become the coveted seminar/conference facility for corporate houses, given our advantages in terms of our location, aesthetics, culture, service quality and competitive pricing and also promote the concept of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)


Strengthening the spirit of volunteers and professionals and shaping leadership through training, debate, and research is the strategy at work at the Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini.