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Selected VOs And There Work Area

Sr.No Vo’s Name State Activities
1 Bhagirath Gramvikas Pratishtan Zarap, Sindudurg Bhagirath Gramvikas Pratishtan’ was set up at Zarap village at Konkan district to save the energy of the breadwinners in the village who used to head in different bearing for the purpose of employment. Considering such employment problems, this organisation initiated employment projects like, dairy-farming, bio-gas; farming, canals, poultry etc… were successfully implemented.
2 Janadhar Sevabhavi Sanstha Latur Janadhar Sevabhavi Sanstha got inspired by the idol Baba Amte’s work for leprosy patient .They are working for Rag pickers in Latur. They are successfully implemented solutions for recycling of different kind of waste by assuring rag-pickers daily bread via waste collection. They undertook several activities like, medical check up, schooling provision for the rag picker’s children. They also have their own established self help groups.
3 Udyogvardhini Solapur Udyogvardhini comprehensively works for women’s empowerment by encouraging the hidden entrepreneur in them by setting up self help groups. Their ‘Bhakri Chatni’ making activity is globally famous that many times people get amased that, how come their bhakri remains intact for three months. Thus, it can be said that, women can create wonders in the kitchens as well.
4 Mata-Balak utkarsh pratishthan Sangola Village Sangola in district Solapur is ill-famed as a drought area where Mata-Balak utkarsh pratishthan played a significant role in social, mental and financial upliftment of the women. Sangola is famous for its primordial Ghongadi (kind of blanket) weaving activity business now once again gaining its old form and thanks to Mata balak utkarsh pratisthan. Apart from other government aided school Mata-Balak Utkarsh Pratishthan’s school will step in to its 25th successful year in the field of educ
5 Keshav Seva Sadhana Goa Keshav Seva Sadhana was established in the year of 1093 at Goa. This organisation specially engaged in the field of education as they have three hostels, along with the school for mentally challenged children. This organisation also engaged in the area of health issues in full swing.
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