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The Universal Brotherhood Programme is a part of Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini’s RMP International initiative that focusses on promoting international harmony and understanding. This programme aims to encourage individuals from different countries interested in developing cross-cultural understanding and participate in the Certificate Course in Leadership through Civilisation Understanding (CCLCU). Through this interactive course, RMP aims to create a better understanding about the Indian civilisation for the future leaders of different countries. Under this programme, besides an intense academic course on India, in particular, and South Asia in general, the students will be sent on a tour to places of Historic interest and have the experience of staying with Indian families. 

Students from different countries are welcome to enrol themselves for this programme. The participants will spend 15 days at RMP’s Knowledge Excellence Centre at Uttan, Bhayander near Mumbai and will attend lectures on different subjects like history, culture, ethos, political systems, economy, etc. RMP will schedule visits to important places, institutions and interactions with dignitaries as well. 

The universal brotherhood programme is divided into three aspects, mainly the academic course, the ‘family stay’ excursion and the Experience India’ excursion.

In the academic course, experts from different areas of focus will be delivering lectures on subjects of Indian history, geography, politics, economy and arts & culture. 

The Universal Brotherhood Programme participants will have first-hand experience of living with selected host Indian families during the course of this programme. ‘Family Stay’ is a significant component of this programme as it aims to allow the participants to know that a family is the traditional institution of the Indian Society. Sociologies say that the Indian family is one of the main pillars of the steady stream of the Indian Civilisation. The tradition of Joint families, although receding fast, is still dominant in villages.

Experience India is the final component of the Universal Brotherhood Programme. This is an excursion-cum-educational tour. The participants will get a first-hand experience of people and life in India. This will expose them to India’s rich cultural heritage, warmth of a society closely interconnected and diversities of folk life in every aspect. Experience India covers places of tourist interest and historic importance.